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Working principle and application of magnetic roll separator21 2024-06

Working principle and application of magnetic roll separator

magnetic roll separator, as a kind of magnetic sorting equipment, effectively removes ferromagnetic impurities in materials through magnetic field adsorption and belt transmission.
A brief introduction to what is a magnetic separator.15 2024-06

A brief introduction to what is a magnetic separator.

Magnetic separators are devices can generate a strong magnetic field to adsorb and remove the mixed ferromagnetic impurities in the material. There are two types of magnetic separators: permanent magnetic separator and electromagnetic separator.
Description of magnetic filter iron remover14 2024-06

Description of magnetic filter iron remover

Magnetic filter iron remover is mainly used to separate the fine iron components in the liquid medium to meet the process requirements of the liquid medium. It is widely used in chemical, pharmaceutical, pigment, dye, food, metallurgy, ceramic and other industries. This product has the advantages of strong magnetic force, good iron removal effect, and convenient cleaning of iron chips.
What is permanent magnet NdFeB?14 2024-06

What is permanent magnet NdFeB?

NdFeB is simply a kind of magnet. Unlike the magnets we usually see, it is called the "King of Magnets" because of its excellent magnetic properties. NdFeB contains a large amount of rare earth elements neodymium, as well as iron and boron, and its characteristics are hard and brittle.
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