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Magnetic Plate

Force Magnetic Solutions shines bright as the premier manufacturer and supplier of top-notch Magnetic plates. Our profound understanding of magnetic separation enables us to tailor bespoke solutions that align perfectly with our clients' demands. Globally acclaimed for their reliability and effectiveness, our products are the epitome of excellence. We aspire to foster enduring partnerships, jointly shaping the magnetic future in China, one step at a time.

The Force Magnetic Solution Magnetic plates by The Force Solution revolutionize workspace organization. Their sturdy magnetic force holds screws, nuts, and tools securely. Compact and lightweight, they slip seamlessly onto shelves or workstations. Their tight grip keeps items from shifting, even with rigorous work. Simple to install and low-maintenance, these plates are indispensable for keeping your workspace neat and metal items at your fingertips.

Performance Parameters
Model Adsorption space
Materials Applicative width
FNS-400-300-180 300 201#/304# 500/600
FNS-600-400-180 300 201#/304# 700/800
FNS-800-400-180 300 201#/304# 800/900/1000

Force Magnetic Solutions Magnetic plates Feature

1.Magnetic plates are designed with high magnetic flux density, enabling them to securely hold a variety of metal objects, even under heavy loads.
2.The plate design provides a large magnetic surface, maximizing the number of items that can be stored and organized.
3.Suspended Plate Magnets are designed with high magnetic intensity to effectively capture and separate ferromagnetic particles from flowing material.
4.Made from high-quality materials, magnetic plates are built to last, ensuring long-lasting performance and durability.

The Force Magnetic Solution Magnetic plates Details

1.Magnetic plates are typically made from high-grade magnetic alloys that ensure strong magnetic properties and durability.
2.The magnetic strength of these plates is adjustable in some models, allowing users to customize the amount of magnetic force according to their needs.
3.With NdFeB manget,iron magnetic impurity(like Bolt,nut,nails,wire,lron slag etc)can be effectively separated from powder,flake and granular(like corn,sugar,flour,mine,wood flour etc).
4.Some magnetic plates feature protective edges or corners to prevent scratches or damage to the surfaces they are mounted on.

Magnetic plateMagnetic plate

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