Magnetic Separation Grids
  • Magnetic Separation GridsMagnetic Separation Grids
  • Magnetic Separation GridsMagnetic Separation Grids
  • Magnetic Separation GridsMagnetic Separation Grids
  • Magnetic Separation GridsMagnetic Separation Grids
  • Magnetic Separation GridsMagnetic Separation Grids
  • Magnetic Separation GridsMagnetic Separation Grids

Magnetic Separation Grids

Force Magnetic Solution stands as a highly regarded pioneer and authority in China, specializing in the creation of Magnetic Separation Grids. We are fully committed to the entire process, from envisioning the initial design concept to executing precision manufacturing, promoting our offerings, and extending exceptional post-sales support. With over a decade and a half of profound industry experience, we have honed our skills in producing Magnetic Separation Grids renowned for their dependable magnetic properties, impeccable craftsmanship, energy-efficient performance, and cost-competitiveness. We eagerly anticipate the opportunity to forge a mutually beneficial partnership with you in China, delivering unparalleled quality and personalized service that meets your unique needs and preferences.

Force Magnetic Solution presents a customized Magnetic Separation Grid solution that effectively removes fine iron particles and other tiny magnetic impurities from a diverse range of free-flowing powders and granular materials. Irrespective of whether it's in the food, chemical, plastic, mineral, or any other industry, our Magnetic Separation Grids offer a reliable means of eliminating harmful tramp metal and minimizing ferrous contaminants. We prioritize delivering exceptional value, ensuring that our Magnetic Separation Grids not only exhibit efficient performance but also maintain cost-effectiveness. Their design is optimized for seamless integration into the product flow, negating the need for magnetic fields to penetrate through thick material layers. By leveraging our Magnetic Separation Grids, customers can guarantee the purity and quality of their products while minimizing downtime and operational costs.

Performance Parameters
Model Diameter(mm) Pipe Number Materials Performance(GS)
FNS-CLJ-3 Φ20/Φ22/Φ25/Φ30/Φ32 3 201#/304# 1000-12000
FNS-CLJ-5 Φ20/Φ22/Φ25/Φ30/Φ32 5 201#/304# 1000-12000
FNS-CLJ-7 Φ20/Φ22/Φ25/Φ30/Φ32 7 201#/304# 1000-12000
FNS-CLJ-9 Φ20/Φ22/Φ25/Φ30/Φ32 9 201#/304# 1000-12000
FNS-CLJ-11 Φ20/Φ22/Φ25/Φ30/Φ32 11 201#/304# 1000-12000
FNS-CLJ-13 Φ20/Φ22/Φ25/Φ30/Φ32 13 201#/304# 1000-12000
FNS-CLJ-15 Φ20/Φ22/Φ25/Φ30/Φ32 15 201#/304# 1000-12000
Specification can be customized

Force Magnetic Solution Magnetic Separation Grids Feature And Application

1.Tailored for the elimination of ferrous contaminants, the Magnetic Separation Grid from Force Magnetic Solution is meticulously designed for effortless integration into storage containers, drawers, and hoppers.
2.Select from our range of 304 or 316L stainless steel pipeline materials to ensure exceptional corrosion resistance and minimal environmental impact.
3.Featuring smoothly polished surfaces on both the frame and magnetic bars, the Magnetic Separation Grid adheres to the rigorous hygiene standards of the food and pharmaceutical industries.
4.Experience uninterrupted separation operations with the Magnetic Separation Grid, all without any additional operating costs.

Force magnetic Solution Magnetic Separation Grids Details

1.The Magnetic Separation Grid offers a diverse range of options, including square, rectangular, and circular designs, to cater effectively to a wide array of application needs.
2.Installed seamlessly within hoppers, pits, chutes, enclosures, or containers, the Magnetic Separation Grid ensures easy access for maintenance and cleaning, thereby facilitating smooth operational processes.
3.Engineered to withstand standard operating temperatures of up to 80°C, with the option for customization to accommodate maximum working temperatures of up to 350°C, the Magnetic Separation Grid demonstrates adaptability to diverse operating environments.

Magnetic Separation GridsMagnetic Separation GridsMagnetic Separation GridsMagnetic Separation GridsMagnetic Separation GridsMagnetic Separation Grids

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