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Magnetic Sweeper

Force Magnetic Solutions stands Magnetic Sweeper as a leading producer and provider of Magnetic Sweepers. Leveraging our profound expertise in magnetic sciences, we customize solutions to suit our clients' demands. Globally acclaimed for reliability and performance, our products epitomize excellence. We strive to cultivate lasting partnerships, fostering innovation in magnetic technology in the Chinese market.

The Force Magnetic Solutions stand Magnetic Sweeper is an efficient cleaning tool powered by a strong permanent magnet. It quickly attracts iron debris like nails and screws, simplifying cleaning tasks. With its compact design and ease of use, it excels in various environments, delivering exceptional cleaning results.

Performance Parameters
Model Size Quantity G.W./N.W.
Carton size
FNS-QDF-18 18 2pcs/carton 14/12kgs 77x22x41cm
FNS-QDF-24 24 2pcs/carton 16/14kgs 77x22x41cm
FNS-QDF-30 30 2pcs/carton 18/16kgs 94x22x41cm
FNS-QDF-36 36 2pcs/carton 20/18kgs 107x22x41cm

The Force Magnetic Solutions Magnetic Sweeper Feature

1.Specialized equipment designed for iron sweeping ensures rapid and efficient removal of iron debris from workshop floors, significantly improving cleaning efficiency.
2.These sweeping systems are designed to selectively collect iron particles while leaving other non-ferrous debris untouched, making the cleaning process more focused and precise.
3.The equipment is built with durable materials to withstand the rigors of industrial environments and ensure long-lasting performance.
4.User-friendly design and intuitive controls allow operators to easily maneuver the sweeping equipment and adjust settings for optimal cleaning results.

The Force Magnetic Solution Magnetic Sweeper Details

1.Equipped with a high-powered permanent magnet, the Magnetic Sweeper has the ability to capture even the smallest metal debris with ease.
2.The sweeper's lightweight and maneuverable design allows it to glide smoothly over various surfaces, from hard floors to rough concrete.
3.The sweeper features a simple mechanism to release collected debris, often achieved by opening a hinged door or lifting a flap. This allows for quick and convenient disposal.
4.Constructed from heavy-duty materials, the Magnetic Sweeper is built to last, enduring repeated use in demanding environments.

Magnetic SweeperMagnetic Sweeper

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